How To Survive A Stock Market Correction


“We’re overdue for a stock market collapse.” “This could be the big one.” This is what you hear when you turn on the news or read magazines and newspapers. After the great bull market run from 2009 to today, many are predicting the stock market is going to drop. Depending on who you listen to, this drop could be as little as 5% to as much as 30%. With so many “experts” telling you the market is going to drop, how does an investor invest their money now and still be successful? Should you be afraid of a stock market pullback? What Is A Stock Market Correction By definition, a stock market correction is when the stock market drops by 10%. This usually doesn’t happen in one day’s time, but rather over time, say a few weeks. While 10% might sound like a lot, this type of a decline is … Continue reading

The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself


I am a workaholic. I freely admit it. I have always felt good about working hard and being able to pay my own way. When I was about thirteen years old, I began a part time nanny gig for my mom’s friend. I remember being paid $5 an hour, which seemed like a fortune at the time. Taking care of her crazy kids was hard but nothing beat the feeling of being able to go to the store and buy my own things. I don’t think I ever made more than $30 at a time babysitting her kids but it was a start for me. I loved the feeling of earning money and I was going to continue to try and earn. That brings me to my next point. A lot of people who like to work also have a tendency to not treat themselves right. Don’t know what I … Continue reading

Reflecting On Some Of Life’s Most Valuable Lessons


My birthday is this week. As a child your birthday is always one of the most exciting days of the year, but as we get older birthdays become a time of introspection. Hitting 30 made me realize how fast it all goes, and now as I turn 32, I figured I’ll share with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned over my years… 1. You’re Not Special – I know, it may sound harsh, but it’s true. Yes we all have our own special skills and talents, but no one out there is going to treat you like the special little snowflake you were told you were as a child. Don’t expect people to bend to your schedule or find your problems as important as you do. 2. Fear Is A Choice – Don’t spend your life missing out on opportunities because you’re consumed by “what if’s”. The regret … Continue reading

Tricks To Motivate Yourself Financially


Personal finance is all about creating goals. Whether you have goals to pay off your debt or to save for retirement, it is important to stay motivated to reach those goals. The main reason why most people don’t reach their financial goals is because they lack the motivation. Motivation is the key piece to the puzzle. The question is, how do you stay motivated to reach your goals? Here are some tricks that will keep you on the right path. Create Specific Goals The biggest factor in not reaching a goal is because the goal was too general. Why do you think so many people fail on their new year’s resolutions? They create goals such as lose weight, learn how to save money, make more money, or pay down debt. While these are all good goals, they are entirely too general. How do you attain them? Financial goals are no different … Continue reading

Thoughts on the US Stock Market for 2014

upward graph

The following is a guest post from Troy who blogs over at Troy has previously brought us posts about how economic data triggers the markets and taking profits in a bull market. Today he shares his views on where he thinks the markets may be headed in 2014.  These views are his, and his alone. Please conduct your own research or talk to your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.  The State Of The U.S. Stock Market As a disclaimer, I am cautiously long the U.S. stock market. These are dangerous times, so don’t let the euphoria fool you. As you’ve probably heard, the U.S. stock market (based on the Dow Jones 30 and S&P 500) is soaring through the stratosphere. Based upon federal and privately compiled statistics, the public is pouring records amount of money into the U.S. stock market, which basically screams the word “BUBBLE”. But just … Continue reading

2013: A Year In Review


Where did the time go?! It may sound cliché, but damn, 2013 flew by! It was a busy year for me personally. I took my first true “get on a plane and go somewhere” vacation in a few years when I visited Chicago late in the summer. I attended 4 weddings this summer, but more importantly, I finally decided to have one of my own and got engaged this past September. With all the life commotion going on, I neglected this site for a little while longer than I had planned in the summer. Even with my mini hiatus, readership of The First Million is the Hardest is at an all time high. I’m getting more page views in a single day than I ever expected to get in a month when I first started writing this blog. The fact that more and more of you are even subscribing to … Continue reading