Personal Capital – The Best Way To Manage Your Investments


As my long time readers are well aware, I’m a huge fan of automating your finances.  For about seven years now I’ve been using to track all of my spending, and to manage my budget. While Mint is an amazing service, I found it was severely lacking when it came to keeping track of my investment accounts. Enter Personal Capital. I discovered Personal Capital about a year ago after reading about it on another finance blog and decided to give it a try. For those of you who have never heard of Personal Capital, it’s a free website that allows you to track your spending and investments all in the same place. Think of it as with its focus on investing rather than budgeting. After a few bumps in the road early on in my experience, I can now confidently say that Personal Capital is the best way … Continue reading Review – Budgeting & Financial Tracking logo

If you’re a regular to The First Million is the Hardest you’ve heard me mention before. Mint is a free money management/budgeting tool that I’ve been using for about 4 years now. At this point I don’t know how I’d function without Mint. Since I mention it and recommend it in so many posts I figured it was about time I gave Mint a formal review on this site. Why Do I Love Mint? First and foremost, I love Mint because it’s free. The thought of spending money just to track my money seems a little crazy to me, so free is good. Second, it’s secure. Mint uses bank level (128-bit SSL) encryption to protect your data. If you’re comfortable logging in to your bank’s website or paying bills online, you should feel comfortable using Last but not least, Mint is simple to use. It pulls in all your transaction data, keeps … Continue reading

Book Review – How To Win At The Sport Of Business By Mark Cuban

  I just finished reading Mark Cuban’s new E-Book “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It”. The book is essentially a collection of some of the best blog posts from Cuban’s blog, which he as put together in E-Book form and put up for sale for $2.99. Personally, I’m a huge Mark Cuban fan and happily paid 3 dollars for the book. The book is a quick, easy read full of no-nonsense life and career advice founded in Cuban’s own experiences on his rise to the top of the business world. Top Quotes/Takeaways “Its Easy to know if you’re in the right job. If it matters what you get paid, you’re not in a job you really love.” – A reoccurring theme throughout the book is that if you really want to  make it as an entrepreneur you should be willing to live like a broke … Continue reading

Personal Finance Books -The Complete Guide

I received a Kindle Fire as a gift this past Christmas, and recently went about the overwhelming task of picking out which books I wanted to load onto it. Its been a while since I’ve read a personal finance book, but its one of my favorite topics (couldn’t you tell?) so I wanted to pick up something new. It was shortly after that I realized just how much there was out there on the topic! If you’re in the market for something to read on personal finance or investing (what, my site isn’t enough for you?!) it can be pretty confusing finding what is actually worth your time. Well luckily for you, I’m here to save the day! I’ve read A LOT of books on the subject over the years and I’m here to take the leg work out of it for you. With that said…behold! I bring you the … Continue reading