The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

I am a workaholic. I freely admit it. I have always felt good about working hard and being able to pay my own way. When I was about thirteen years old, I began a part time nanny gig for my mom’s friend. I remember being paid $5 an hour, which seemed like a fortune at the time. Taking care of her crazy kids was hard but nothing beat the feeling of being able to go to the store and buy my own things. I don’t think I ever made more than $30 at a time babysitting her kids but it was a start for me. I loved the feeling of earning money and I was going to continue to try and earn.

That brings me to my next point. A lot of people who like to work also have a tendency to not treat themselves right. Don’t know what I mean? I mean taking care of Y-O-U. This means taking some time from the calamities of life to actually treat yourself to something nice once in a while. This can mean anything from getting a massage to taking a walk in the park to relieve stress. The point is that doing something even in the smallest of amounts can be the most beneficial.

There is a spa not very far from my house that lets you hang out in its many saunas for about $25 a day. It is probably the best deal I have ever found in a while. I mean its is almost cheaper to go there than the movies. Anyways, my friend and I went and had a great time. There was one room called the Jade Room that had a lovely scent coming from it. This room was not as hot as the other ones. It was room that promoted relaxation as there were people who had just sat there and stood still. The calmness was def. deafening. We stretched out on the mats and I felt a general peace that I had not felt in a long time. It made me remember how important it is to take care of yourself especially when you are stressed.

I honestly can’t remember the last time that I did something for myself. I think my body was starting to show it as well. I know my mind was starting to hurt. I have decided to start doing things for myself at least once a week to promote inner peace. It sounds so silly but it is a lot coming from someone who is a self-described workaholic. If you are like me, then I urge you to find low cost ways to relax as well. It could really be the difference between enjoying life and being miserable. No one wants to be miserable. Find things that will make you happy today.

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9 Responses to The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself

  1. It’s worth finding out from your insurance if they cover any of that. My supplemental insurance actually covers a number of massages per year that I had no idea about until a few months ago. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of those.

  2. Taking care of yourself and making yourself #1 is of huge importance. I know that when I don’t give myself the time to get away and get lost in my mind, I become irritable and not a fun person to be around. I take out my frustrations on others which is the last thing I want to do.

  3. FI Fighter says:

    Deep tissue massages are also great… helps get a lot of the stress out.

    I’m also finding a mini vacation every 3 months or so is what the doctored ordered.

    You’re right, it’s important to take care of your health!

  4. Jef Miles says:

    This is something that I feel we could all do a bit more of.. Thank you for sharing Natalie and take care of yourself :)

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  6. It’s definitely important to sit back and relax once in a while. If you keep pacing yourself for more work you’ll most likely end up unmotivated. Also, $25 is a nice deal!

  7. It is really important of taking care of yourself. Health is wealth. How can you work if you are unwell? How can you earn money if you are not healthy? Our body should be our first priority than work.

  8. I agree…what is money if it means you are exchanging it for less life span. A good balance is the key, and health and personal upkeep should definitely remain part of that balanced plan.

  9. dojo says:

    We do tend to care for others more than for us, which is always a bad idea: if your health is taking a dive, everything else will fail (work, family life etc.)

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