November 2011 Investment Portfolio & Goals Update

November was a pretty uninteresting month on the investments front. Once again I was unable to contribute anything to my two IRA accounts, so the changes you see there are just the market at work. I’ll be closing on the purchase of my first house in about two weeks! So once that is over with and I can actually see (as opposed to roughly calculating) how the mortgage and increased utility bills will affect my finances I hope to get back to contributing to those on a regular basis. The year is quickly coming to a close and between moving & purchasing things for the house and all the Christmas shopping I’ll be doing. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say I won’t be making much progress on these numbers by year-end. It’s pretty frustrating, but at the same time I know the focus is on the long-term and … Continue reading

October 2011 Investment Portfolio & Goals Update

What a difference a month makes. After last month’s disappointing results its sure nice to see some movement in the right direction over the month of October. October was an exciting month for a number of reasons, mainly because I’m buying a house! It’s been a long process which I’ll be detailing in a few posts in the coming weeks and I can’t wait until closing is official and we’re settled in. I guess for as far as this post is concerned I’m still debating on whether to include my home in these updates. As I like to only include my pure investments and not everything that makes up my true net worth. As for those investments… due to the house and expenses relating to purchasing it I wasn’t able to contribute to any of my accounts except for that piddling 401(k) balance. So the numbers you see are just the market … Continue reading

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Update

The million dollar portfolio challenge is in full swing over at and shockingly, I’m not winning! I’m playing two portfolios in the game and my best portfolio ranks in the 82nd percentile and officially in 118,677th place as of the end of trading Friday (10/14). From the $1,000,000 starting balance they give you my best portfolio now has $1,059,353 for a gain of 5.94%.  Of the two portfolios this isn’t the one I expected to be performing the best. I’ll keep my specific holdings a secret for now, but I will say I hold 4 US stocks in this portfolio and hold one foreign currency. The stocks are actually performing very well for me, but I’m taking a beating in the forex trading. This is to be expected however, because I really had (have) no clue about currency trading as I mentioned in my original post on the game. … Continue reading

September 2011 Investment Portfolio & Goals Update

I’m a little late with this post this month, and no, it’s not because I was too scared to see the results in writing this month (ok, maybe a little scared…) September was a wild ride for the markets as a whole, and since my portfolio is almost completely invested in stocks I felt that pain this month. Despite what the numbers say now, I’m actually very happy with how the month turned out. I gained in my 401(k) only because I’m new to my job and the portion of my contributions that didn’t evaporate was enough to increase my still tiny balance. I’m very happy with how much I was able to save in September. I increased the value of my cash savings account by almost 4.5% but also withdrew from this account to contribute to my Roth IRA and stock up on some of my holdings at fire-sale … Continue reading

August 2011 Investment Portfolio & Goals Update

One of the reasons I started this blog is to lay it all on the line and give the readers of this blog an inside look at my investments and my personal financial journey. I guess you could think of it as putting my money where my mouth is, literally. There’s really no point to tracking these kinds of things without knowing what you’re shooting for. So to start things off I’m going to lay down some general goals that I’ve set for myself. 1. Have a total portfolio value of $100,000 by Dec. 31 2012 2. Have 6 months of expenses saved in a liquid savings account by the end of 2011. 3. Have a total portfolio value of $1,000,000 by age 45. The first two goals are obviously short-term goals and will change over time. The third goal, of having $1 million by the age of 45 is … Continue reading